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BTS - National Gin & Tonic Day

​It's National Gin & Tonic Day!

As someone that loves a good "hashtag holiday", this was by far my favorite beverage to shoot so far. I've recently felt like I had a break through in shooting technique and editing skills, so to see the final results of this one is exciting!

So let's dive in.

Gin and tonics by themselves are not by nature the most interesting drink to look at, but social media is a competitive landscape, and I wanted to stand out. How could I take a clear beverage with a lime to the next level?

I spent hours on google and Pinterest before eventually finding flower ice cubes and thought they'd be the perfect unique element.

I headed to my local florist for some small seasonal flowers, then threw them into my silicone ice mold - it's a giant one for old fashioneds, but I kind of liked the stacked and interchanged cube look for this. This is also why I selected a highball glass over a rocks glass.

The overcast weather ended up being perfect for shooting on the patio, as my 50mm f1.8 lens churned out some really crisp shapes and colors - see the straw on this unedited shot.

I loved the dark and moody greens, black, and gold to contrast against the bright purple and yellow flowers.

This idea was cool to me to have the white and green, however I wish that the plants in the background would have been a bit more dense, as the details in the drink get lost in this shot. I ended up not editing any photos from this location for that reason.

So that's it! A behind the scenes look into my ginspiration for this drink.

You can always follow the journey from concept to final product on Twitter here, or on Instagram here.

In the meantime, go grab yourself a G&T - cheers!

What drink should I shoot next?


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