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New Website!

Nothing like a chilly Winter (Ohio is really dragging its feet into Spring!) morning to work on the things that make you happy.

Creative things tend to do just that for me, so I decided to overhaul the website for the first time in 2 years, and who knows, maybe this next week(/end) we'll start uploading consistent blogs and content from now on...


I've also lately been working on making my little studio apartment feel more homey - and that requires a lot of minimalist thinking and creative arrangement.

My big project this weekend was to create a little space in the "living area" that'd be inviting for me after a long day to work on various creative projects. As space is quite limited, it's been a unique challenge (see TV - still brainstorming that one!)

What I love about this are the simple black and white colors of the rugs, with pops of color from the records and cameras that I interchange to give a different pop of color on the day. My guitar's right next to the couch, along with all of my books which had a quick 3 themes going: beer, adult coloring, and don't give a fuck about what people say.

As purple has become such a big part of my appearance, I found that for my home I love a good mix of classic colors with a pop of modern or eccentric. I especially love the cushions on my wee couch!


So what do you think of the new website? I'm considering making videos for music, makeup, and beer. Got any ideas what you'd like to see here or on my other social media? Shout it below!

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