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My Favorite Apps

When you work in social media, managing a brand's social presence quickly becomes so much more than just logging into Twitter and chatting to folks. Is there a specific aesthetic the brand aims for? Are you working for multiple clients and need to have everything scheduled in advance? Are you also in charge of content creation (i.e. photography?)

Luckily, there are loads of helpful apps - on your phone and computer - to make your life easier! I've rounded up a few of my personal faves that have made my life immensely easier.

For anyone a fan of the A Beautiful Mess blog, you already know how they've nailed the lifestyle game on Instagram. Creators Elsie and Emma took it a step further to give the ultimate photo editing app, A Color Story.

What I love about this app is you're able to edit photos, save your presets so that you have a consistent look on Instagram, and it has a preview grid built in so that you can triple check your grid is on point. Oh, and did I mention it also has scheduling abilities - for MULTIPLE accounts?

As I manage multiple social media calendars and analytical reports, having everything in an easily shared document has been nice, but the game changer for me was downloading the Drive app to my phone. It's freed me up to just have my phone on me and not need my laptop to reference any of those files, and to share them on the go.

I love a Boomerang on Instagram, but sometimes it's saved in the wrong orientation as it only records in portrait. I spent $2 on this and use it often to flip any video quickly and easily. It's also great if you want to crop it to a different aspect ratio (i.e. to fit an Instagram Story!).

For the longest time, my biggest headache with Instagram was responding to all of the DMs on your phone. When you're managing a large following, that can take up your valuable time. Enter in Flume, which is essentially a desktop app to use Instagram. I'm able to more quickly type out DM responses, upload posts, view insights - all from my computer.

Sometimes the obvious ones aren't so obvious. This is a funny one to me to mention, but I've met loads of people in social media that have never downloaded this to have their Facebook page on their phone. Use it, it's free and makes it way easier for you to respond to messages, see comments, post all from the palm of your hand.

These are my favorite tools to make my job easier! Have you got any favorite apps or websites that make your life more efficient?! Drop them below. :)

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