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When you give 40 hours or more of your life to a company, it can seem like all the challenges you face at work are one big ball of stress. Maybe you work for a start-up company or you’re new to your career. Maybe you’ve been in the same super cushy job for years. Maybe you’ve got some crazy tight deadlines, or the new girl doesn’t like you.

Whatever it is, stress is no good for your physical or mental health.

Over the past year, I’ve seen a lot of articles about self-care. What a refreshing time to be living in where we’re not made to feel guilty about taking care of ourselves!

With that in mind, I recently started a ritual on Sundays that I call #SelfCareSunday - a day to light some candles, get your Spotify playlist going, and relax.

During the week, I’ll usually eat junk food, drink beer, rock dirty hair, quickly wash off my makeup during the week.

Sunday gets the hours to soak in a bath, eat a healthy and raw diet, loads of water* and tea. I’ll wash my hair and refresh the purple. I buy myself a new face mask, and a lavender bath bomb. I wax my brows. Slather my face in serums and moisturizers. EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

You name it, I’m doing it. Not only am I taking care of my skin (and who could blame me - this Midwest winter thing ages you quick!) while it’s “young”, but I’m also taking some time to shut off.

Coming from a person slowly wading out of an historic depression fog, I’m not amazing at self-care on the daily. However, this Sunday ritual has become invaluable to me in setting myself up for a kickass week, ready to live out the #MondayMotivation tweet my favorite boss posts every Monday morning.

Relax hard in your time off, so you can kick ass when you have to be on.

All that said, I highly recommend this F Bomb bath bomb from Target if you're not on a Lush Cosmetics budget - it smells of lavender, has a cheeky name, and an uplifting fortune-cookie style message in each one!

*This water may or may not happen to have hops and malts in it. This water may or may not be a new and exciting one every week...the water this week might have been pale and Belgian-inspired.

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