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Weekly Makeup Challenge

If you've ever met me, you'll know that makeup has been a large part of my life for the past 13 years.

In anticipation of the Lights show I was seeing last weekend, I did my usual weekend beat - meaning I took 3 hours to create the look I was after.

The exciting and cool difference this time was that two of my friends requested future makeup looks from me. I didn't commit to them as I was afraid of failure, but it ended up being such a massive confidence boost for me to hone my skills and try something new!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors in makeup, but it's also one of the most difficult for me as it never shows up on my skin the right way. I'd also never attempted a cut crease.

Monday: Wanting to dip my toes ever so slightly into the challenge, I kept it simple with a berry pink lid, with yellow in the inner corners. To create the depth in this I first blended out a beige/blush pink from my Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette. Then I mixed an Urban Decay Electric pink with a cranberry shade, and copied this on my lower lash line. My brow highlight was Mac's Mushroom - which is a champagney/beigey color with a slight shimmer. Now for the yellow, the closest thing I had to this color was Makeup Revolution's take on UD's Electric Palette, which is a highlighter yellow-green shade. I still think this would look dope with a classic Pantone yellow. I finished it off with Nyx's Louisiana lipstick, and voila! Day one, done.

Tuesday: Go big or go home. I was so scared to do a cut crease and fail, but the only way to discover improvements is to first actually try it!

While I didn't love the execution of the look, it's one I am so excited to look back on to recreate again soon because the colors were phenomenal with the lip color! I used a greige nude all over my lid, then carved out the cut crease with concealer and applied the yellow. Shout out to my beautiful Ardell lashes that day - yep, the ones I accidentally applied with permanent adhesive!

Thursday: Halo eye for the win! On this day, I decided to play with burnt clay and orange colors. This is a look that would probably look 100% better with the Pantone yellow; conceptually I'm proud of this one, but it actually ended up a hot mess. What I wish I would have had/done: used bright primary/secondary colors like orange and yellow. The inner corner was a purple toned white and it didn't land the way I wanted it to. I think if I'd have stuck to bright colors this one could have popped a lot better.

Friday: Out with a bang! I decided to get graphic with the eyeliner, however simple it might end up. I'm sitting in the airport writing this and a beery customer just said "your eye makeup is looking pretty fuckin' dope". I'll take that as a win for today! This look was all about pink and purple. A pretty light pink base set the stage, with the outer V carved out with the Urban Decay Electric palette's purples. I brought back the purple-toned inner corner as it made more sense today. Then I lined out the wing and applied the yellow, and finished with the Kylie Cosmetic's Dolce K for the lip.

I love a good challenge, and this was something that kept me inspired and hungry to learn more this week! Got a favorite look from this week? Sound off below! Also, let me know what my challenge for this week should be - whether it's a color, technique, or product - I'm all for the challenge!


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