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Loreal Rouge Signature Lip Inks

I was recently gifted three of Loreal's new Rouge Signature Lip Inks as part of working with Influenster.

It was a fun person challenge to shoot a makeup post like for a brand for my first time. From feeling way more comfortable with how to use my camera, to having built presets for my photos, and getting to be creative with everything from the makeup look to styling the photos themselves.

As for the lippies themselves, they're more of a runny than the tacky texture I've grown used to from liquid lips - but that's only when you're applying them. Pop on a few coats and you've got a comfortable non-drying formula that's vivid and lasts.

I also took this look a step further by not only trying all three shades on my lips, but I used the red color as my eyeliner for today. I wanted a super dreamy berry eye and think that the Huda Beauty New Nudes Palette combined with this, was a slam dunk!

It was my first time wearing makeup since I got my new kitten, and I quickly learned he is terrified of the camera, and the girl who doesn't look like his mama (he's scared of the makeup!)

The last time I attempted blogging/taking my Instagram seriously, I had been given a challenge to experiment with yellow eye looks, and now I'm armed with some awesome new makeup this year as Santa was really generous with the palettes!

Got any suggestions for me to experiment with? From photography challenges, to makeup challenges, I'm up for all ideas!

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