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Why I don't like Spotify.

A lot of people know I HATE Spotify, and I chose to no longer put new music on Spotify going forward. I also chose not to stream music, as I believe that paying for music you enjoy (re: supporting musicians you love and want to hear more from) shouldn't be such the radical idea that it is now.

Your current favorite song is only 99c and I promise you, it won't ruin your life or finances.

You know what's harder to afford? Recording time, when you're getting ripped off by illegal downloads or greedy streaming services.

Here's what Spotify pays an artist for a play: $0.00100000 That's 1/10 of a penny. Play their song 10 times and they make a penny. Play their song 1000 times and they make a dollar.

Cool, I only need 1,300,000 plays to make another song. Or, 1413 iTunes downloads.

One of those makes way more sense.

Also, here's an interesting article that touches on what I'm talking about:

(not complaining for myself, just commenting on the state of the industry and consumer attitude.)

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