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The year end review.

I like this time of year where people decide to think back and evaluate how their year went, and what they want out of next year. Did they do their best to make the previous year everything they wanted, could they have improved in some ways?

2015 for me was honestly just hard. It was the kind of year where, by February I already wanted a new year; a fresh start.

It sucked, and it sucked the life out of me. It hurt me, it changed me, it taught me lessons I didn't want to learn but had to.

It was hard to guard my soul and all the things I considered to be the good qualities of my personality. It forced me to grow up. I had writer's block for the whole year, despite all of the hardship that came my way, and now I can only reason that it was because I needed to focus on that personal growth.

So 2016, if you could be so kind, I would like to write again.

I would like for all of the broken and missing puzzle pieces to come back together.

I would like to keep growing, and learning, and changing.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, and that life is kind to you in all of your endeavors and adventures.

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