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Out with the old, in with the new- ...wait, what?

"Ew this playlist only has old songs from like 2014."

My coworker said this last week. It was one of those things where I just tilted my head and didn't know how to respond.

Unless you're a major label executive pushing out Top 40 hits, does it matter when a song came out? If it's really good and resonates with you, does it matter if it's 2 or 20 years old?

Our age of entitlement has led to almost a "fast food" version of music. We want free music that's only relevant for a moment and gives us nothing in return. It's catchy, but it means nothing.

One of my favorite records took five years to write. I listen to it almost daily in the three years since it came out. There's no expiration date for me to enjoy it. It was crafted with care and made to be timeless.

I'm writing my second EP right now and I'm very picky as to what makes the cut to be might take me a year or two to write it but once you get it, it'll be something I made sure was special, and relatable.

So it was frustrating and yet, intriguing to hear this coworker, who could be considered an average consumer, talk down about a song based on how long it's been out. A lot of musicians work so hard on their craft, and that shouldn't be discounted as the years go on. Find something that means a lot to you, and let that record change your life.

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