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Blind Faith - OUT NOW!

I have to say, that since I started working on music in Springfield, MO, I started questioning things I never had before. I saw the world in a new light, with a fresh perspective and was consciously more thoughtful in every aspect of my life. Coincidence maybe, but now Springfield holds that sort of sweet nostalgia for me because as cheesy as it sounds, I really feel like I found myself as a musician there.

Naturally, time and life experiences had passed since Control, but I swear the music itself just started moving me in such a way that I could listen to each new track literally 300 times and still feel intensely the feelings that led me to write the song in the first place.

Like the puzzle pieces in my head finally all joined up, and unlocked a new world for me.

I wrote most of Blind Faith in the shower at my parents house. I was feeling frustrated and lost. I had just quit an awful job, and I couldn't see where my future was going; I had goals that felt impossible to reach. I had the opportunity to move to California, and it felt like an opportunity opened up when everything else was closing in. So I'm standing there considering this or that, pros and cons, and it was frustrating to just not know, and go for the unknown.

I memorized the song as best I could then jumped out and ran to go record it on my iPad before I forgot it. The song and feeling wasn't complete though...

- - - -

So, the bridge is easily my favorite part, and easily my favorite lyrics I've ever written.

"I can't tell you what to say/ you risk it all in blind faith/you bend the rules until you break/and leave yourself with nothing."

I wrote that part on the flight home, and the thematic line of "I can't tell you ____" actually came from the fact that whenever I go to my mom for advice, she'll give me the options and potential solutions and outcomes, but ultimately she won't decide anything for me. I guess the remaining three were an idea that I'd been wanting for a while to hear someone else tell me.

About a month before I went to Springfield to record vocals, I had the idea to have a male vocal on the bridge- one, it would be a cool way to mix things up a bit. Two, it was the perfect way to execute that 'thought-in-my-head' bridge. I managed to convince my amazing friend/producer/collaborator Jeremy Larson to do it (after much begging!) and it ended up being infinitely better than I could have ever imagined. He's got an amazing voice that's impossible to not connect with, and having him sing on this song captured the exact feeling I was going for.

So I hope you enjoy blaring this with the windows down as you're cruising along that long stretch of road at night,

Or while you're lying on the floor looking at the ceiling and trying to figure things out.

I hope it strikes that balance of chaos and calm within you, to make you want to dance and think and plan, but also to just simply be.

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