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Happy [Belated] Birthday!

My sweet baby, my EP Control, turned 2 years old a few days ago.

In all the excitement and chaos of getting ready for the release of Blind Faith on 7/27, I completely forgot to post about it.

I will always be so proud of what we did to make Control. I remember each step of creating it so vividly- from getting MY music that I made onto iTunes and Amazon, to the FedEx guy's look when a screaming 20 year old (who'd been waiting on her front porch for 5 hours) eagerly helped him unload 6 boxes of CDs and promo materials from his truck. I remember always having a million sweaters in my car for when I got too cold when working on vocals (that room was always hella chilly).

It's been a crazy, eye-opening two years, and I've learned so much in that time. It's wild to reflect back though, on where I was in that time of my life, and to see where things are now; to see the new priorities, the different focus. I wrote this EP when I was a teenager, whereas I'm now an adult-in-training. ;) I love that about the songwriting process- every release demonstrates a different season of life and a different person.

So my darling first EP, I love you madly, and I didn't actually forget- Happy 2nd Birthday! Here's to many more releases, adventures, experiences, and opportunities to grow!

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