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This was a simple restock in the online shop that didn't need to be shouted about - but knowing how passionate the home brewers were and that Elvis Juice is one of the most popular brands, I figured it'd be an easy post. And it blew up! Other IG posts that week were seeing about 1500-2000 likes.

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TW: 574 likes/24 eng/98 rt

IG: 5303 likes/124 eng

By listening to customer complaints/suggestions about plastic packaging, the company set out to make something more eco friendly - and that's worth sharing! The social community was excited with this new development as you can see by the numbers!


FB: 469 likes/84 eng/13 shares

TW: 119 likes / 6 eng/ 18 rt

IG: 6858 likes / 87 comments

This was a good learning in terms of how to position announcements on different channels. While it performed well on all, Instagram was the clear winner - and that could be something as simple as more Swedish followers on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter.


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My first announcement-style blog for BrewDog USA.

I normally wrote educational or informative pieces such as beer style history or best patios to drink with your dog.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 3.56.29 PM.png

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IG: 405 likes/ 2 eng

The first week that BrewDog USA beers were in the Blue Jackets hockey arena was an exciting one! To see a can of the flagship beer on social media was a big deal, and garnered some great attention.


FB: 42 likes/ 15 eng

IG: 115 likes /4 eng

Kindred was a small local brewery in Columbus, OH that needed me to shoot imagery for them and keep the social accounts running as they were going through a transitional period (not brewing beer). With a small following, their posts often saw about 30-40 likes, so this was a welcome change to get them excited about the goings on!

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